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Guitar Solutions Oxfordshire is owned and operated by a local guitar and bass player who lives in Oxfordshire South Warwickshire area.  After many years of having to search for a local person to set up and service his guitars decided to undergo training so that he could do the work himself.  He has now decided to branch out and provide a guitar set up and repair service so that you don’t have to search for a high quality, fully insured service in the local area.

Training comprised the following components:

  • Full guitar build from rough wood to finished high quality instrument
  • Fret installation, levelling, crowning and polishing
  • Hardware installation
  • Pick Up installation and wiring
  • Control Knob and switch installation
  • Nut installation and cutting to required level
  • Set up including: Nut height, truss rod adjustment, string height, pick up height, tremolo if fitted, intonation

Has undergone a significant amount of training to the highest levels and is fully confident of being able to achieve a highly satisfactory result for all of your set up or repair requirements.

Guitar Solutions Oxfordshire
Honington, Warwickshire